Yellow Springs Pottery, a retail pottery cooperative  established in 1973, has 10 members producing a large selection of handmade pottery. We are dedicated to making decorative, functional pottery to enhance your home or garden, or to make a special gift for any  occasion.
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Sidewalk Sales 2016

Our Sidewalk Sales always coincide with the Yellow Springs Street Fair on the 2nd Saturday of June and October.

Our new potter, Naysan McIlhargey, and a few of his pots!!

Naysan McIlhargey at Yellow Springs Pottery "I have been producing functional wood fired pottery for nearly twenty years. The 450 cubic foot kiln we currently fire at my pottery, Miami Valley Pottery, is based on kilns from many countries and traditions. Wood-fired pottery is grounded in tradition. Most wood fired potters in America can trace his/her lineage to other wood-fired potters in America who were trained by other potters in either England or Japan. Our work is tied together by a complex system of apprenticeships that cause each new craftsman to carry with him/her a legacy of the potters who come before. There is an intricate web of names that link us and form a bond. However, wood-fired pottery is the oldest of clay traditions and over the many thousands of years the names of hundreds of important craftsmen have been lost to us. My work is an attempt to pay homage and understand the techniques, materials and mastery of these humble artisans that has been lost to the modern era of wood-fired potters."